What Type of Support is Available for Families of Children with Disabilities


Having a child with a disability is something few parents are really prepared for. However, it doesn’t have to be an everyday struggle to care for your child and get them the best care possible.

In fact, there are a variety of ways parents can get support. In the state of California, there are multiple avenues on the public and government funded level. Private resources can also be very helpful. You’ll need to do a little digging to find the information and all of the programs that could help, but it is well worth the effort.

Paid Family Leave

Taking care of a child with disabilities can be difficult for many parents, and in some cases, paying somebody to take care of their child while they’re working simply isn’t an option for financial reasons. In the state of California, parents of children with disabilities are allotted a certain amount of paid time off through the paid family leave program.

California provides parents up to six weeks of paid family leave each year. While parents having to take care of their children during tough times is the most common reason parents use paid family leave, the program is also there so new parents can bond with their newborn children with disabilities in a constructive manner.

Community Care


Community care centers are located all over the state of California, and their goal is to provide around the clock non-medical residential care for children and adults with disabilities. For parents, these community care centers can be a lifesaver if they can’t afford to pay professionals familiar with their child’s disability to come to their home, which can be a very expensive proposition.

Community care centers are generally structured by level, and they range from level one to level four. Level one facilities are generally for children and adults with mild disabilities who may require less supervision. As you go up in levels, the more equipped the center is to care for children and adults with severe disabilities.


Medi-Cal is a system that was put in place years ago by the state of California to provide medical care for people with disabilities, as well as older adults and impoverished families. Medi-Cal can be a little tricky for the average person to figure out without a bit of research, but if you have a child with a known disability, it is likely that they will be covered if you don’t make enough to provide care for them.

In many cases, children with disabilities will be eligible for full benefits, meaning that their parents may not have to pay any medical bills other than day care, some of which can be reimbursed through SSDI. To learn more about Medi-Cal and get your child involved, visit their website or talk to your child’s doctor or community care representative.

Private Outreach

Not all programs designed to help children with disabilities are run by the state of California or the federal government. In fact, some of the most beneficial programs anywhere in the United States are run by private individuals, many with a background in health care or who have a child with a disability of their own.

The best way to find private groups that could help you and your family out with a range of different things is to talk with your doctor and community care representative. However, you can find a lot of information about private care groups by visiting well-known foundations that support your child’s disability.

For example, if you have a child with autism, visiting a website like Autism Speaks could be very helpful. Sites that provide information about particular disabilities can also be very helpful when it comes to finding private care groups.

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