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Suggested Links

  • PsychoEducational Mini Courses for Parents | These courses are designed to help parents better understand their child’s ADHD, dyslexia, or anxiety and give them tools and guidance on how to support them at home.
  • National Center on Improving Literacy | Your source for improving outcomes for students with literacy-related disabilities, including dyslexia.
  • Parenting Your Teen with Executive Function Disorder Webinar Dr. Shinn of Variations Psychology presented on best parenting techniques on how to understand if you are enabling your child with executive function issues or giving too little support.
  • The Disabled and Empowered YouTube Channel: This channel is dedicated to empowering disabled individuals, their allies, and their support systems with information that drives insight, inspires, and promotes meaningful action. Dr. Gwen is an ally of disabled individuals and a licensed psychologist in the state of CA who has been passionately supporting this community for over 2 decades.