Mediation is an opportunity for the district administrator (in many cases the special-education director) to sit down with a family and negotiate in the presence of a mediator. Typically, the mediator is an administrative law judge (ALJ).  And the mediation usually takes place at the school district office.

Special Education Mediation: FAQ's

    Below are some common questions families have about mediation.  Have additional questions? Be sure to reach out to us. QUESTION: WHERE IS THE MEDIATION? Typically, it is at the school district headquarters. You will…
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Special Education Advocate Juliet Barraza

Juliet Barraza is the parent of two young boys, one of whom has developmental disabilities and epilepsy.
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Understanding Special Needs Trusts With Attorney John Lansing

John is an Elder Law attorney practicing in Pasadena, California. He became an Elder Law attorney in large part due to his experience caring for his mother. She was afflicted with a neurodegenerative disease in early middle age.

Sometimes You Just Need an Expert

Sometimes (more than sometimes for me), we need the advice an help of an expert. At CSNLG we have a list of providers with specific expertise in various areas. We are continuing our efforts to bring those experts, and their knowledge, to you.
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Special Education Advocate Valerie Aprahamian

Valerie Aprahamian, Founder of Advocates For Angels, is a Non-Attorney Advocate, Author, Teacher of Special Education Law, and Speaker. Valerie's life work has been to assist parents of special needs children in the development of their child's Individual Education Program (IEP)—to enable each child to reach the highest expression of themselves and fulfill their potential in living a meaningful life.

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