Facilitating a Full Life for Individuals and Families with Exceptional Needs


Advocating and Protecting the Education and Developmental Rights of Individuals with Exceptional Needs


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If you are a parent or caretaker to someone with exceptional needs, then you understand how important it is to have clear access to information and services that help you better understand the available options.

Back in 2003 when my son Braden was diagnosed with autism, I found the maze of resources and routes to services a big challenge to me and other parents.  I believe access to information and services to facilitate a full life for individuals with exceptional needs should not be difficult, intimidating or overwhelming.

Our vision, mission and core values inspire and guide us in everything we do.

–Michael Boll

Father to a son with autism and CSNLG team member

What our families say.

I felt Rich was effective in getting the district to respond to my questions and concerns. As before he was involved they ignored all my attempts to communicate.

Rich has done well in all areas of representing our son. He takes time to make sure we are on the same page and guides us through the stressful times.

As a parent undergoing legal action our stress is very high. Rich has an innate ability to relay legal language and process in a manner that allows us to breath a little easier. Rich was always available when we had questions and was always consistent in returning with answers. Rich doesn’t sugar coat your case he is honest and straightforward. It was an absolute joy to have him as our attorney.