California Based Advocates

A talented advocate is a reasonable and cost-effective next step to helping your child secure appropriate services for their IEP.

We suggest you contact one or more of these advocates to see if their services, location, cost and approach meet your needs.

Dr. Susan Burnett

Dr. Susan Burnett loves to work with family’s who have a physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental delays or learning disabilities in their lives.

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Adrienne Oliviera

Adrienne was a Special Education Teacher for ten years. She taught in Florida, Virginia and California. Her experience in the classroom gives her a unique perspective as an advocate.

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Dave Gaines

Dave is the founder and CEO of Sacramento Autistic Spectrum and Special Needs Alliance (SASSNA), a nonprofit organization in Sacramento, California that provides high-quality, comprehensive social services to mentally-diverse young people and their families in the Greater Sacramento region.

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Brenda Rogers

After founding Access Center in 2004, Brenda expanded her specialization from learning disabilities and hyperactivity, to emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities, speech and language disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

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Vincent Caballero

I began my career in special education in July of 2002 as a special education advocate for a parent training and information center.

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