About Leigh Monichon

Leigh’s 25 years in special education advocacy began with her autistic son. He was in a low-expectation special day class with only four picture icons to communicate and now he attends a four-year university. This was due to extensive determination, persistence, and advocacy.

In addition to providing volunteer advocacy on the State level while serving as Chair of Area Developmental Disabilities Board VII, Leigh helped many other parents advocate for their children.

After taking the year-long COPAA Special Education Advocate Training, Leigh helped found Aspire Advocacy. In March 2018, she received COPAA’s Advanced Advocate Training certification.

Specialties include attending IEPs, helping parents understand the IEP process, educating and empowering parents to help them be full IEP participants.

Leigh’s style is collaborative and thorough. While ensuring that the IEP Team addresses all educational concerns, with an eye on getting each client the services to which they are entitled.

She also focuses on building good working relationships between families and school staff.


  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Prepare for IEP meetings and set goals
  • Attend IEP meetings and record them
  • Parent training
  • Parent counseling and emotional support
  • Review records
  • Draft correspondence