As we all know, having a child with special needs may require a lot of effort at home and a ton of effort working with schools to ensure your son or daughter is receiving the services they need.

If you are a military family, those efforts may need to be repeated on a regular basis as you move and redeploy to a new location within or even outside of the United States.

Advocate Meg Flanagan is currently living in Okinawa where her husband is based. She understands the unique circumstances military families face and is here to share those experiences and strategies to help families who have a child with special needs.


Meg Flanagan has a passion for helping busy families find success and peace on the education journey. She has helped dozens of families feel better about the IEP or 504 Plan process, providing support and resources.

Meg holds an M.Ed in special education and a BS in elementary education. She is currently certified in both areas in MA and VA, as well as by the DoDEA.

Meg has lived in the SoCal region on and off for the last decade, but currently calls Japan home.