Are Private Schools for Children With Special Needs a Good Option for Families?

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Depending on where you live, you’ll likely find one or more schools designed for children with special needs in your area. Generally, these schools are private, and charge families tuition fees for their children to attend.

In many cases, private schools for children with special needs are open to children with all types of disabilities. However, some schools choose to focus more on helping children with certain special needs to achieve their academic goals.

Skilled, Understanding Staff

One main benefit of choosing to put your child in a private school for children with special needs is that they will be surrounded by staff members that understand their needs – staff members that are skilled and understanding when it comes to helping and teaching children with disabilities.

While many public schools do have programs for children with special needs, they tend to have larger classroom environments, and they may not get the special attention that they need to learn at an optimal level. With a private school that’s less likely to happen because funding isn’t an issue since each family pays an annual tuition.

Tailored Education Plans

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Unlike public schools that often try to teach many children with different special needs in the same classroom, private schools designed specifically for children with special needs tend to develop education plans for each student. For many students, this allows them to learn in a way that is better suited to their particular needs.

For example, a child with severe dyslexia will require a different education plan than a child with mild dyslexia in many cases. In a private school environment, the differences between the ways these two children learn will not be glossed over.

Will My Child Learn as Much?

In general, children who attend private schools for students with special needs learn just as much or more than children who attend regular public schools. This is usually because of the aforementioned tailored education plans and more individual attention.

In some cases, classes may move slower than they would at a regular public school. However, this is only so that students that require a slower pace can fully grasp and retain the material being taught to them.

How Much Does Private School Cost?

Private school, whether it’s for children with special needs or not, can be expensive. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to give a range as to how much private school will cost your family on a yearly basis since a variety of factors like where you live, how well trained the staff is and what the school’s educational goals are with each student will affect the price of tuition.

However, private schools for children with special needs will often work with parents to come up with a flexible payment plan, allowing them to pay tuition in installments instead of on a quarter, semester or annual schedule. Some private schools even have fee waivers for parents whose children have special needs but cannot afford the full tuition.

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