Spotlight on Special Education in Riverside: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Parents

The county seat of Riverside County, the city of Riverside, California, is located approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles. This fairly large city provides special education resources for students and their families as well as teachers and other educational professionals.

Special Education Riverside

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Many of these resources are offered through learning institutions and government offices. Special education parents, students and teachers can also turn to nonprofit organizations in the area that focus on specific disorders or disabilities.

Riverside Educational Institutions and Their Special Education Resources

The Riverside Unified School District provides special and modified classes for special education students.  On the school’s website, parents, students and teachers will find links to helpful resources:

  • Parents will find links to various organizations focusing on specific learning and developmental disorders as well as special education curriculum information and U.S. Department of Education articles
  • Professionals can access information about IEPs and intervention resources as well as simulated learning experiences and strategic teaching methods
  • Students can enjoy links to online learning aids such as games and stories in addition to online learning assistance tools and textbook sites

According to its website, the Riverside County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) is the “largest multi-district SELPA in California”. This SELPA has an online training development guide for special education teachers and administrators that provides information about meetings, trainings and workshops.

For parents, the Riverside County SELPA has a Community Advisory Committee designed to increase awareness of special education services and provide support for parents. Details about this committee are also found on the organization’s website.

The Sunshine Early Childhood Center in Riverside began as a school for students with Cerebral Palsy in 1947 and today serves special education students with many types of disabilities and disorders, including autism, Down’s syndrome and speech and language impairments. The school has an Early Start program.

Special Education Riverside

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Therapeutic and Support Resources for Special Education Students and Parents in Riverside

Autism Society Inland Empire offers advocacy and support services for special education students and their families. The organization provides these services through parent support groups, workshops, and a regional taskforce. Parents can also access an electronic newsletter with information about autism and referral services.

The organization also hold various social events for parents and special needs children. These events include camps, day ranches and trips to ball games.

The Southern California Tri-Counties Brach of the International Dyslexia Association serves Riverside. This association has a parent support group and an action group focusing on awareness of this disorder. The organization’s website provides an online book list and informational videos.

The Riverside County Department of Mental Health has a children’s treatment center in Riverside that offers individual and family therapy programs, evaluations and case management.

Legal support and advice in the area of special education is provided to Riverside residents by the California Special Needs Law Group (CSNLG). Serving counties throughout the state, CSNLG can help with, among other issues, dispute mediations and IEP development.

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