Special Education Books all Special Ed Parents Should Read

As a parent, your child is your entire world. No matter what their needs or ability levels are, you want to make sure that you provide them with the best opportunities possible so that they can become well-rounded and self sufficient individuals. This is true for parents of all children, but it particularly rings true in the hearts of parents of special needs children.

If your child has special needs, no matter what those needs are, her education is likely at the forefront of your mind. In a world that sometimes seems as if it was created only for the fully abled, it can be particularly difficult to find an educational program that provides not only the right types of services for your child, but that whole-heartedly understands her particular needs.

The best way to ensure that your special needs child is receiving the right type of educational services is to be informed yourself. What is the best way to become and stay informed? By reading.

There is a huge amount of authoritative literature written by leading experts in the field of special education. Reading these books will not only inform you about the types of educational services your child needs, but it will also teach you what types of services are mandated by law.

In order to help you in your efforts for ensuring that your child receives what he needs in the educational setting, here is a list of books that should be on your reading list:

  1. A Sociology of Special Education: From this book, you will learn about the dynamic of the relationship between your special education child and the typically developing population. You’ll gain insight into why “normal” society (whatever “normal” may be) views your child as special and what that means for him or her.

  1. Research and Evaluation Methods in Special Education: This book dives into the principles that guide the teaching of special needs children. You will find out how teachers are taught to create plans for these students and evaluate their performance.

  1. Effective Instruction for Students with Special Needs: You’ll learn about all of the tools and tips that special education teachers are guided to use in the classroom in order to effectively teach your child based on her specialized needs. By reading this book, you will not only learn what your child should be experiencing in the classroom, but you’ll also gain useful insight into how you can effectively work with your child at home.

  1. Parents’ Complete Special-Education Guide: Tips, Techniques, and Materials for Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life:  This book serves as a useful guide that will provide you with valuable information related to properly preparing your child for the school setting, as well as the world at large. You’ll learn about the regulations that are associated with the educational and vocational needs of your child, as well as his social and environmental needs. In addition, you’ll find out about your child’s unique educational developmental needs and the intervention that she should receive in order to become as successful as possible.

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. Provide your special needs child with the best opportunities for academic and social development with the knowledge that you gain from these books.

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