Finding Grants for Disabled Children

From food to healthcare and from medical to academic needs, the cost of raising a child can be quite cumbersome. When you add to those traditional costs of raising a child the additional expenses that come along with raising a special needs child – extra medical bills, visits with specialists, specialized treatments – you may be facing some pretty astronomical financial obligations.

Certainly you want to provide your child with the best, but in these economic times, it can be quite difficult to find the funding to provide your special needs child with the best care and resources possible. Fortunately, however, there is some relief for special needs parents – in the form of grants. Yes, grants.

The United States government has grown to understand the added financial demands that come along with raising a special needs child. As such, they have created specialized grants in order to help with this financial strain. There are also several non-profit organizations that exist for the betterment of the special needs population. These organizations have also created several grant options in order to relieve economic hardships so that those with special needs can receive the utmost care.

Finding Grants

If you are the parent of a special needs child, you may be wondering about how you can find these specialized grants. The truth is, finding such grants are actually not as difficult as you may think. Your computer is a valuable resource in your search. Simply type in the kind of grant you are interested in finding information about, or enter “special education grants” into your search engine. .Gov and .edu sites will be the best place to begin your search.

If this option seems too daunting to you, consider contacting a special education advisor or advocate in order to find out what types of grants are available for your child’s needs. Your child’s guidance counselor is one option, as is his or her doctor or mental health care provider. These professional advisors are well-versed in the special needs sector and will likely know in which direction to point you so that you can find grants for your child.

Types of Grants and Qualifications

There are several types of grants available for special needs children. They range from funding for academic advancement to moneys for your child’s medical care. In order to determine whether or not your child is eligible to receive a specific type of grant, you will first want to take into consideration your child’s specific situation. However, this is not enough to determine qualification; you will also have to fill out detailed documents, which will indicate your child’s needs. Those documents will be assessed, as will your needs for receiving such grants and based on the findings of the granting organization, it will be determined whether or not your child is eligible.

While it can certainly be discouraging to learn how costly providing proper education and health care for your special needs child is, don’t assume that he or she will simply have to go without; know that there are grants available that you could very well qualify for in order to ease your financial burdens.

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