At about 11 months we suspected our son has autism.  However, it was not until 24 months that we finally found someone who would confirm our concerns, and at that time, fears!

As you already know, understanding the best path forward for kids is daunting. Especially so in the beginning when we know the least.

Sometimes (more than sometimes for me), we need the advice and help of an expert. At CSNLG we have a list of providers with specific expertise in various areas. We are continuing our efforts to bring those experts, and their knowledge, to you.

Take a look at our experts page to see who we recommend and have worked with in the past. Check back once in a while as we are continuing to add more folks.

If you don’t see anybody that fits your needs, feel free to reach out to us.

Welcome to California Special Needs Law Group. We are excited that you are joining us as we work to help all students obtain the best education possible.

As you likely know, many of us at CSNLG have a connection to a student(s) with exceptional learning needs. It might be our son, daughter, sibling, cousin or other relatives. This means we are immensely dedicated to our work and see the higher purpose in everything we do.

The First 100 Days

The act of advocating for a child with special needs may at times feel all the way from empowering to defeating.

Over the next 100 days or so, we will send some emails with tips and other useful information to help you navigate the special education legal world. We want to support CSNLG families as much as possible.


The Team

We are a dedicated, multi-talented group of individuals. Check us out here and read our detailed bios.

Over the next 100 days or so, we will send some emails with tips and other useful information to help you navigate the special education legal world. We want to support CSNLG families as much as possible.


Billing and Fees

Nobody likes a billing surprise!

Our commitment is to keep you well informed of the work we do and the costs associated with it. We want you to have a complete understanding of what we are doing and the costs of our work.


As a modern law firm, our team is distributed around the world in multiple time zones and countries. Our internal and external communication systems keep us in sync with each other and with you. Our practice is solely focused on California.

Nothing is more important than your child and we must always clearly understand each other’s needs, concerns and questions.

Please stay in touch with us along the way.

What We Believe

As an organization, we make a consistent effort to remind ourselves of our vision, mission, and values.

These beliefs help us work in unity as we navigate the peaks and valleys that come with challenges and successes. Our vision is what we hope to achieve over our lifetime as an organization, the mission is what we focus on every day, while the values guide our decisions.

  • Our Vision: Facilitating a Full Life for Individuals and Families with Exceptional Needs
  • Our Mission: Advocating for and Protecting the Education and Developmental Rights of Individuals with Exceptional Needs
  • Our Values: Friendly | Solution Focused | Continuous Improvement | Trust

Thank you for putting your trust in us!


Michael Boll

Father to a son with autism and CSNLG team member

Our sensory system has a profound impact on our everyday experiences and how we react to our world. Maybe a noise is annoying, a light too bright or an article of clothing feels just not right. For children with special needs such as autism, ADD and more, sensory struggles may be magnified to the point where they have a significant impact on their perception of the world. What may seem just fine to us, may be threatening to them.

Understanding the sensory system and its roll in a child’s life is what I talk to Dr. Susanne Smith Roley about today. We cover a lot of exciting material including sensory seekers, sensory avoiders, body awareness and much, much more. By the end of this podcast you may find yourself having a good understanding of terms such a proprioceptive, vestibular, temporal and spatial awareness. Wow!