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Is Your Child’s Behavior Affecting Their Education?

If your child’s behaviors are affecting their progress in school it is important to seek the proper support from the school district. The school district is responsible for educating your child including, assessing and identifying each student’s unique needs. Children learn and process information in many different ways. The one size fits all approach to […]

Inclusion and the Law

What is Inclusion?  Inclusion is the term used to describe when a student receiving special education and related services is placed or “mainstreamed” into the general education classroom. When is Inclusion/Mainstreaming required?  Every student who receives special education and related services must be educated with non-disabled peers to the “maximum extent appropriate,” and may be […]

Do I Need a Special Education Attorney?

If your child exhibits any of the following behaviors you will benefit from consulting with a special education attorney. academically struggling in school, taking several hours to complete homework assignments, has behaviors that impede learning or ability to access the curriculum, has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan, Receives accommodations/modifications at school through Response […]