Spotlight on Special Education in Corona: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Corona is nestled at the base of the mountainous and beautiful Cleveland National Forest in Riverside County, California. Some 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles, this much smaller community still has much to offer students, parents and teachers of special needs children.


Educational Resources for Special Needs Students and Families

The Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) Department of Special Education hosts a wide variety of services for parents and their children with special needs. With a motto of “Every Student, Every Day,” and a logo that promotes acceptance, appreciation, challenge, success and independence, it would certainly appear as though CNUSD is doing their very best to offer the best assistance and resources.

Along with a complete listing of their staff, there is a detailed and comprehensive description of their special needs program. They promote a LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) for all their students with specially designed instructions, specialized aids and support services.

In addition to services available to students with significant developmental, emotional, motor, physical, language, speech, visual and hearing impairments, CNUSD provides:

  • A Program Specialist/Coordinator to address everything from concerns to strategies
  • Information on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • Access to parent support groups, programs and referrals to community agencies
  • Methods and programs for transitioning and reverse transitioning
  • Assessment services and IEP (Individualized Education Program) assistance
  • Parent information on training and events

For the older High School aged children, they provide a School To Work transition program that includes a Workability and Transition Partnership Project. Those with severe and profound disabilities can access information on the Victress Bower School for exceptional children.

There is truly a wealth of information, assistance and resources available through the CNUSD Department of Special Education.

The Autism Society Inland Empire located in Corona is devoted to improving the lives of all those affected by Autism. This organization provides workshops, parent support groups and a regional task force. They also host unique fundraisers, like their 2015 Superhero Walk For Autism, where supporters donn capes and costumes, raising funds for education, programs, information and additional support for those suffering from Autism.

Other Resources Available Nearby for Special Needs Services

The Riverside County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) is the largest multi-district SELPA in all of California. Here you can download forms for IEP including supplemental forms, support documents, notice of procedural safeguards and parental rights. They have resources on Community Advisory Committees (CAC), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mental Health assistance. On this SELPA website, there is a training development guide available for special education administrators and teachers that provides information about workshops, training and meetings.

The Riverside County Department of Mental Health has a childrens services branch that deals with severe emotional and behavior problems. Their staff works closely with schools to provide services that assist with academic problems associated with severe emotional problems.Their treatment center offers evaluations, case management, individual and family therapy programs.

The California Special Needs Law Group (CSNLG) offers legal support and advice specifically in the area of special needs education. The CSNLG supports Counties throughout the State of California and provides assistance with legal issues, mediations and IEP development.

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