Special Education Spotlight San Jose: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Parents

San Jose residents who are special education professionals or parents of a special needs child have the benefit of various resources located in or near their city.

Special Education Spotlight San Jose

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Special education students will also find community, educational and recreational programs and activities designed to help them grow and strengthen social, communication and academic skills.

Educational Resources in San Jose for Special Education Students, Teachers and Parents

The website of the San Jose Unified School District offers parents an online Parent Guide and information about its Community Advisory Committee. The school district’s site also provides definitions and examples of various disorders, including autism, speech impairments and emotional disturbances.

The Santa Clara County Office of Education provides an Early Start intervention program for preschool children, an intensive autism program called The Autism Project that focuses on the development of communication skills and independence, and an assistive technology program to aid families and teachers in the use of special education technologies through labs and training programs.

The South East Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is a consortium consisting of eleven school districts and the Santa Clara County Office of Education. In addition to a Community Advisory Committee and parent support and education programs, SELPA also provides staff training opportunities. These workshops and sessions are directed toward teachers, administrators, teacher assistants and specialists.

Special Education Resources for San Jose Parents and Special Needs Children

The Morgan Autism Center in San Jose provides free lectures and individualized education programs. The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, located approximately five miles outside of San Jose in nearby Santa Clara, provides behavior analysis services as well as individualized education programs.

CHADD (Children and Adults with AD/HD) of Northern California, though based approximately 40 miles away in San Leandro, holds monthly parent training sessions in surrounding areas including San Jose.

The City of San Jose’s Therapeutic Recreation Services program provides recreational opportunities to special education students. Through its All Access Sports and Recreation program, special needs children can attend camps and clinics for indoor and outdoor physical activities. The Grace Community Center hosts various programs for children with cognitive disorders, including fitness programs, pre- and afterschool programs and a therapeutic art program.

Special Education Spotlight San Jose

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Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing in-person and online help to parents of special needs students. Monthly meetings for support and discussion groups, early intervention programs, online articles and tools, workshops and a library of books, videos and DVDs are among the many resources provided by this organization. The website also provides links to professional support groups, counseling centers, foundations and community programs.

The San Jose Public Library hosts weekly inclusive story and play times for special needs children. The library’s website also provides links to books on parenting special needs children and on specific disorders, such as autism, ADHD/ADD, OCD and learning disabilities.

Parents of special education students who are seeking legal support or advice in San Jose can contact the California Special Needs Law Group (CSNLG). Serving areas throughout the state, the group can assist parents with settling disputes with school systems or developing IEPs, among other legalities.

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