We come across many websites in our work. Some of our favorite ones are listed here.


Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a nonprofit dedicated to working with parents and classrooms to provide dedicated 1:1 services to children and adults with autism. Started by a group of parents frustrated with the lack of meaningful progress in their children, they created this working group to help provide alternative programs. Their YouTube channel has some great stories that may help you relate to their program.

Understood.org is a combination of 15 nonprofit organizations banding together to share and leverage resources. The website is very large and here at CSNLG we narrow or browsing on the parts of the website that focus on school and learning.  You will find this site pointed to in a lot of our blog articles.

Loriboll.me  Lori Boll has a teenage son with profound autism and publishes an occasional blog about her experiences. Sometimes raw and always honest, her stories are confirming if you have a child with special needs and eye opening if you do not. Lori Boll is married to Micahel Boll, a CSNLG team member.


Lives in the Balance believes that all children want to do well and if they are not, there is a reason. If we look more deeply and discover the reasons for unexpected behaviors, we will better be able to collaborate and resolve them. Founded in part by Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child and Lost at School, the site is a rich resource for parents and teachers who work with “difficult” students.

For more on this site and its philosophy, see our blog post “All Students, Yes All Students, Want to Do Well.”

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) has been around since 1987 and is a resource and support group for parents to a child with ADD. Since many students with ADD also have a parent with ADD, it is a helpful resource for adults as well.

Specific Links We Like

Nolopress is a long serving self-help legal site. It assists individuals looking to advocate without hiring an attorney. It covers a wide variety of topics and has a small section dedicated to special needs. Specifically, the Complete IEP Guide manual lays out the entire process.

Support Networks

L.A. Parent keeps a handy, updating, list of parent support groups and meetings in the Los Angeles area for parents of children with special needs.

The Special Needs network is a support group for underserved communities. Services for children with special needs in less well-off districts are often reduced as compared to more better-funded districts.  This group supports affected families in those areas.

Stanford University offers a very helpful resource page for its employees looking for support for their child with special needs. If you live in the Bay Area, this site is for you.

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