Bullying Leads to Lawsuit in Huntington Beach, California

  An interesting article dropped in the April 08, 2019 edition of the Los Angeles Times regarding a frustrated middle school parent who felt her son was being overwhelmingly bullied in class. The parents claim the student was bullied…

Davidson Learning Center Summer Institute

    For many years we have worked with Dr. Christine Davidson for her IEE reports and other services she provides families. In the past few years, Dr. Davidson has expanded her reach and now runs the Davidson Learning Center. The…
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Presentation: Getting Placements Right the First Time

    In February of 2019, Richard met with families from the Riverside Community Advisory Committee to discuss their concerns. His presentation covered appropriate placements for students with additional learning needs.   Feel…
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Presentation: Determining Eligibility for Section 504 and IDEA

    Richard recently presented at a conference in Orange County titled regarding 504's and IDEA. Here is a copy of his presentation Determining Eligibility for Sect 504 and IDEA
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Presentation: Developing and Implementing IEP's

    Richard recently presented at a conference in Orange County titled Developing and Implementing IEP's. Here is a copy of his presentation Developing and Implementing IEPs

Sample Request for an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation)

    At some point during your effort (sometimes fight) to receive special education services for your child, you may want to request an Independent Educational Evaluation, commonly referred to as an IEE. Parents and others often…

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