‘Readin, ‘writin and ‘rithmetic, or the three r’s as they used to call it, it still a fundamental concern for parents and educators who see a student struggling in those areas. Additional help and instruction in those areas is often a successful way to catch a student up or move them further ahead.

Today I speak with Tia Jones, Executive Center Director of the Lindamood-Bell program in Newport Beach, California.  We discuss her program, the specifics of how it works along with the time commitment and costs associated with enrollment.


Tia has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, Lindamood-Bell programs, and has a great passion for
helping students with language and learning difficulties. Her career with Lindamood-Bell began more than 13 years ago, and she has since held various leadership positions within Lindamood-Bell centers across the country. In addition to her experience in the learning centers working closely with staff, students, and the professional communities, she has also worked with the For Schools division, sharing her instructional knowledge with school administrators and teachers. She now serves as the Executive Center Director of the Newport and Manhattan Beach centers.