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Residents of the populous city of Fresno, the largest in California’s Central Valley, can find various academic, nonprofit and community organizations devoted to special education topics.

Special Education Spotlight Fresno

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Resources in this city include support groups, professional development programs, online articles, recreational activities and workshops. From parents seeking legal advice to special needs students seeking to become more active or engaged through sports or recreational therapies, Fresno provides a variety of options for anyone with a personal or professional interest in special education.

Academic Resources for Special Education Students in Fresno

The website of the Fresno Unified School District provides information about a Community Advisory Committee and links to the Special Education Local Plan, forms detailing parents’ rights, an IEP satisfaction survey  and services for deaf and hard of hearing students.

The Fresno County Office of Education offers intervention and support programs for children with disabilities. Besides overseeing special education curriculum and instruction for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels, the office provides or assists in leading parents and special education students to:

  • speech and language pathology services
  • audiological services that includes hearing assessment and otoscopic exams
  • visual impairment assessment and consultation, including Braille instruction
  • preschool assessment
  • parent workshops

Resources for Fresno Special Education Parents and Students

Various community centers and nonprofit organizations based or with offices in Fresno are great sources of information and activities for special needs children and their parents.

EPU Children’s Center in Fresno has a Family Resource Center that provides advocacy services, parent support groups and IEP training clinics. A teenager and young adult group allows those with special needs to meet others and helps to develop communication and social skills.

The Central Valley Children’s Services Network is a Fresno-based nonprofit organizations with parent and professional workshops, support groups, advocacy services and child care resources for special needs children. The network’s site has links to telephone counseling services, mental health counseling and local agencies.

Special Olympics Northern California partners with the Fresno Unified School District to provide a community sports program for special needs children.

More Fresno Resources for Special Education Students, Teachers and Parents

Other Fresno or nearby organizations addressing specific disabilities or disorders include:

Parents of special education students in Fresno who are seeking legal support or assistance, such as with IEP development or navigation of special education laws, can turn to California Special Needs Law Group (CSNLG). Though based in Costa Mesa, the firm provides services throughout the state.