Idealism and the desire to help people is often an overarching view of many young people fresh out of school and ready to contribute to the world. For Adrienne Oliveira, my guest today, she saw a career as a special education teacher as her chance to contribute.

Adrienne reflects on her time working in three different schools in three different states and the dramatic differences she found in each district. All these experiences gave her a unique perspective after her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Suddenly Adrienne was now a parent at an IEP instead of a teacher.

Today Adrienne works as an advocate for children with special needs, combining her experience as a special education teacher and parent to help others.


Adrienne Special Education Teacher for ten years. She taught in Florida, Virginia and California. Her experience in the classroom has been everything from resource, co-teaching and self-contained classes in the mild/moderate settings.

As a mother of two young boys, She also went through the IEP process because one of my sons was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She has a strong passion for making sure all students have equal access to learning and will work closely with you in creating the best opportunities for your child to grow.

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Contact Adrienne at her website.