About Valerie Aprahamian

Valerie Aprahamian, Founder of Advocates For Angels, is a Non-Attorney Advocate, Author, Teacher of Special Education Law, and Speaker. Valerie’s life work has been to assist parents of special needs children in the development of their child’s Individual Education Program (IEP)—to enable each child to reach the highest expression of themselves and fulfill their potential in living a meaningful life.

As a mother of a special needs child, Valerie has been called to work with families, not only in education but also in awakening to the gifts these special angels can bring into their lives.

In Valerie’s experience as a non-attorney advocate for more than twenty years, she has represented hundreds of families with special needs children, attending more than two thousand IEP meetings. She holds a credential from William and Mary Law School at the Institute of Special Education Advocacy.

Valerie resides in Southern California with her husband Michael and her adult daughter, Chanel, who has the diagnosis of autism and seizure disorder. She has 2 other adult children, Michael-John and Celeste. Valerie is a credentialed Yoga Alliance teacher, as yoga practice is a major component in maintaining balance in her life. She enjoys painting and drawing, gardening and reading, and is an avid beach lover.

Check out Valerie’s book Advocating for your Special Needs Angel: A Mother and Special Education Advocate’s Practical Guide to Helping Children Find Their Wings on Amazon.com


  • Obtaining school records
  • Evaluating your child’s present school program
  • Helping you to have a clear understanding of the problems you are currently experiencing and what to do to solve them
  • Helping you to plan your IEP meetings and development of IEP parent agenda
  • Attending IEP meetings with you to assist and advocate for you and your child
  • Following up after the IEP meeting to make sure the plan is working which includes legal letters to document a time-line of events
  • Writing measurable and obtainable goals and objectives
  • Assist in developing appropriate modifications and accommodations
  • Development of Medical Health Plan
  • Assistance in determining appropriate educational placement
  • Coordinating services between agencies, doctors, service providers and school district staff
  • Act as liaison between parents and district administration
  • File Compliance Complaints with State Board of Education