About Juliet Barraza

Juliet Barraza is the parent of two young boys, one of whom has developmental disabilities and epilepsy.
Raised with Spanish as her primary language, she started translating at a very young age for members of her family and has continued to use her language skills as an active volunteer in the area of translation and special education. Juliet has served as a Special Education Advocate in the public school system for over 20 years.
She assists Spanish–speaking families in understanding and accessing services for their children by providing support and technical assistance as well as attending IEP Meetings. She also has expertise on culturally appropriate services and supports for Latino families. Barraza has been a consultant for the Regional Centers throughout several counties. She is also an active member of the Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys and holds an Advanced Training Certificate.
Juliet also serves as an assistant trainer for the Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT) focusing on race, culture, poverty and language. Barraza has served on the Board of Directors for Congreso Familiar where she has been a presenter since 2005. At the Castro Valley Unified School District, she participated actively in Ability Awareness Day and is a Past President of the Special Education PTA. Juliet has been an advocate with DREDF since 2005 where she started as a volunteer. She enjoys hiking National Parks with her family and going to the movies with her husband.


  • Technical support by phone or in person
  • Review letters
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Parent training
  • Workshops
  • Community resources
  • Spot systemic issues
  • Communication between parents and districts
  • Assist with compliance complaints for the Department of Education and/or Office of Civil Rights
  • Bilingual assistance