About Lynne Merrill

Lynne Merrill followed her years in the classroom by opening Merrill Educational Center in 1993. Lynne had wanted to teach since she was eight years old, inspired not by good teachers, but by poor ones. She recalls, “I was astounded how much a poor teacher could extinguish a child’s love of learning. I realized early on that I needed to teach to make a positive difference.”

Lynne’s teaching background covers many curricula—from first, fifth, sixth, and eighth grades, to high school English and history. She is qualified in Regular and Special Education and has graduate degrees in these areas, as well as graduate work in English. Lynne holds an undergraduate degree in English and Teaching English as a Second Language. All of Lynne’s programs, at prestigious universities, were completed with Summa and Magna Cum Laude recognition. She has been recognized by members of the state government for her work in pursuing her educational goals.

Lynne is a reading specialist and treats children with decoding, comprehension, spelling, and written expression problems through worldwide acclaimed programs in literacy. She also specializes in Executive Functioning disorders through teaching study skills and organizational techniques. Her greatest accomplishment comes from helping students to help themselves.

Lynne delights in traveling, reading, theater, and spending time with her daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson. When she speaks of her family she smiles and says, “They are my moon and stars.”


  • Education Therapy and Remediation
  • Independent School Options
  • Tutoring
  • Testing Preparation