Linaja Duncan

Attorney and Advocate, BA, MA, JD

The motivation to protect the educational rights of students with special needs comes from different places. For Linaja, a close family friend’s autism diagnosis ignited her drive to take every special education course and clinic offered by Pepperdine’s School of Law during her academic career.

Linaja appreciates how special education law aims to develop individualized education programs that truly consider a student’s unique learning needs. Through consulting with experts and obtaining independent educational evaluations, Linaja is able to identify what areas of weakness a student may require additional assistance in and obtain services in those areas to ameliorate deficits.

Linaja understands our “solution-focused” core value and works to cultivate healthy relationships between families and educators while obtaining needed services for students. She prides herself on being a friendly problem solver. In addition to holding a juris doctorate, Linaja has a certificate in alternative dispute resolution.

Prior to joining our firm, Linaja practiced estate planning law with an emphasis in special needs planning, trusts and limited conservatorships. When not at advocating for individuals with exceptional needs, Linaja can be found reading, drinking coffee, and exploring the outdoors.