I don’t know about you, but the thought of hiring a lawyer for any dispute makes me go into a near panic.  Right away I start to think about just how much it is going to cost? This is especially true for parents like us who have a child with Special Needs. Is it worth the cost to hire an attorney to advocate for better or additional services for your child? Would it simply be better to take those costs and use them for services or therapies out of pocket?

I talk with Richard Isaacs, an attorney at California Special Needs Law Group. He points out that there are different methods for covering attorney’s fees, and depending on your situation and case, it may not be as expensive as you might think.

Program Note:  Richard and I work together at CSNLG.

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Rich Isaacs is the founder of California Special Needs Law Group. 

His small-town roots shaped his belief in the strength of a community-based approach to life and work. In law school, Rich quickly focused his studies on advocating and assisting some of our most vulnerable members of society. Children are a society’s most valuable asset and ensuring students have equal access to an education quickly became a calling for Rich.

Rich leads the charge at CSNLG to ensure families receive fair, effective representation at mediations, hearings and appeals. He believes that all resolutions must focus on what is best for the child and their long-term future

Contact Information

Contact Richard via email at richard@csnlg.com