About Dr. Timothy Gunn

Dr. Gunn is a licensed psychologist and owner of Gunn Psychological Services, Inc. His experience has included work in a pediatric hospital, teaching or supervising at various Southern California Universities and providing therapy and assessment services to children and adults.

The bulk of Dr. Gunn’s work has been in the area of neuropsychological assessment, particularly with children who are in, or suspected of qualifying for, special education. Of late, much of Dr. Gunn’s time has been devoted to increasing the services available through Gunn Psychological Services.

With the help of the many psychologists and therapists who work with Gunn Psychological Services, the business has been able to offer social skills groups, therapy and assessment services for Independent Educational Evaluations funded by the school districts and through in- and out-of-network insurance benefits.

The organization particularly specializes in providing therapy for most child or adult referral questions, social skills groups, and conducting IEEs (psychoeducational, neuropsychological, functional behavioral assessments, ERMHS), autism evaluations and testing for ADHD, learning disorders, depression, anxiety and neuropsychological evaluations. They have also recently started offering college/career evaluations to help teens and young adults narrow down their occupational aspirations to help facilitate vocational planning and/or choose a college major.


  • Psychoeducational assessment
  • Gifted assessment
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Career & occupational assessment
  • Therapy: Couples, individual and group
  • Counseling
  • Personal growth and life coaching
  • Social skills groups