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Special Education Mediation: FAQ’s

    Below are some common questions families have about mediation.  Have additional questions? Be sure to reach out to us. QUESTION: WHERE IS THE MEDIATION? Typically, it is at the school district headquarters. You will receive a scheduling order that provides the address. You can also find the address by googling the school district […]

Welcome to the CSNLG Family

Welcome to California Special Needs Law Group. We are excited that you are joining us as we work to help all students obtain the best education possible. As you likely know, many of us at CSNLG have a connection to a student(s) with exceptional learning needs. It might be our son, daughter, sibling, cousin or […]

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Special Education Advocate Barbara Major

Barbara Major is mom to two kids, one of whom has autism. She has a corporate background in educational technology where she worked over 10 years with educators to ensure student achievement. She transitioned out of corporate work to concentrate on helping her child with autism.

Like many parents of children with special needs she was led into advocacy when she needed to advocate for her own child.

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Special Education Advocate Marta Leyva

Marta V. Leyva, M.A. is the owner of Voz de Victoria, a bilingual (Spanish / English) special education advocacy and educational consulting firm that has been supporting parents in for the last 8 years. She currently works to improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families by creating a collaborative partnership between parents/guardians and school/educational teams to ensure students receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) while having both their academic and social/emotional needs met.

Transcript: Are We a Good Match?

You’re listening to Special Education Matters, a regular podcast about things that matter in special education. I’m your host, Michael boll, and I am the proud father of a 18 year old boy with autism. Hey, they’re ingredients to everyone. My name is Michael and I’m the Director of Operations at California Special Needs Law […]

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Special Education Advocate Paul Eisenberg

Mr. Eisenberg has provided advocacy assistance and representation to over 1,000 families with special needs since 1984. He has represented families in the education process at Individual Education Planning meetings, Mediations, and Resolution meetings; Individual Program Planning meetings, Mediations, Informal Meetings and Fair Hearings for Regional Center services and Eligibility. He has facilitated workshops for support groups on special education issues and the Lanterman Act. He specializes in working with families using interest based negotiations in a non-adversarial relationship. Mr. Eisenberg is also a parent of special needs children.


A Beginner’s Guide to the Special Education Legal Process #2: Understanding Your Case

    This article is a summary of the podcast Special Education Matters: Understanding Your Case, with host Michael Boll and CSNLG lead attorney Richard Isaacs. The podcast can be found here. This conversation focuses on understanding your case and the steps that are taken once you’re involved with an attorney. What happens after a […]

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Special Education Advocate Brenda Rogers

Brenda earned her Bachelors Degree in Criminology, Law and Society in 1998 from UC Irvine, a Masters Degree, from UCI, in 2001 and advanced to candidacy for a Ph.D. in sociology in 2003. Brenda has taught at several Southern California colleges and universities between 2001 and 2009 and has been advocating for disabled students since 1998.