About Dr. Susan Burnett

Dr. Susan Burnett loves to work with family’s who have a physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental delays or learning disabilities in their lives. If you were to follow Susan for a day (or two) you will find her at IEP Meetings, helping parents with strategies for their child and developing effective educational programs for both home and school life.

Susan brings a masters in Family Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to her work experience. Her education and background mean she is not only well equipped to understand the intricacies of a disability but the strengths of negotiating a positive solution.

When it comes to protecting the educational rights of students, Susan is someone to have in the room with you. She is a trained negotiator, former committee member of the Office of Administrative Hearings Advisory group and been “on the job” since 1998.

Susan is married and has two adult children. Both her sons had learning differences while in school.


  • Review educational records
  • Attend IEP and 504 meetings
  • School/classroom observations
  • Review private and/or school Assessment Reports (can do review of assessments as a standalone service)
  • In preparation for IEP advocates will propose goals, review supportive evidence and materials.
  • Draft letters and written requests to school
  • Draft complaints to the State Department of Education
  • Recommend a list of attorneys as needed


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